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Consolidated cargo

Сonsolidation of cargos from Europe


  • Weekly delivery to a warehouse in Kiev.
  • Loading throughout Europe.
  • We consolidate small batches and store for FREE up to 5 business days in warehouses in Europe.
  • We provide URGENT delivery of consolidated cargo.
  • We advise on the design of accompanying documents.

We advise on the issuance of the EUR.1 certificate, which entered into force on January 1, 2016. This certificate entitles the importer to Ukraine to import certain groups of goods and products at zero duty. For certain groups of goods during the execution of EUR.1, a duty is imposed when importing into Ukraine, but smaller than before. In any case, costs are reduced to varying degrees.

The amount of the duty when issuing EUR.1 is determined according to the product code (Ukrainian Classifier of Goods for Foreign Economic Activities).

Customs brokers TRANSVOSTOK will consult and draw up all the necessary documentation for customs clearance of goods in Ukraine.

Get a free consultation  through the request form or send e-mail to office@transvostok.com.ua

More information about issuing a EUR.1 certificate can be found on the thematic page of our website

Sample completed certificate EUR.1 here

Priority directions for the delivery of groupage (consolidated) cargo from Europe to Ukraine:

* Стоимость рассчитывается в зависимости от зональной принадлежности пункта забора груза (Приложение №1). Цены действительны в период по 10.07.2016 г. и могут быть изменены в зависимости от конъюнктуры рынка.

** Доставка со склада в Киеве может осуществляется самовывозом, курьерскими службами доставки, нашим транспортом. Стоимость доставки по Украине рассчитывается отдельно.


Get a free consultation  through the request form or send e-mail to office@transvostok.com.ua

Groupage (consolidated) trucking significantly reduces financial costs and time costs when it is necessary to bring a small batch of products (up to 5 euro pallets), for the delivery of trial lots or for regular but small purchases of goods.

Consolidated freight transportation with TRANSVOSTOK have the advantage of:

  • Favorable rates.
  • Regularity, forecasted date of arrival of your goods.
  • Minimum TT for auto delivery of groupage cargoes from Europe to Ukraine.
  • The possibility of customs clearance in Kiev.
  • Providing a full range of services.

For a commercial offer You need to tell us through the request form or send e-mail to office@transvostok.com.ua

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