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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance of export-import operations

For TRANSVOSTOK, customs clearance is one of the main areas of professional activity.

We provide customs brokerage services as an independent service and as part of the complex organization of international cargo transportation.

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity processes in Ukraine is not as popular as in the countries of Europe, the USA, but every year the number of companies that transfer responsibilities for the delivery of goods, preparation of cargo customs declarations, other processes related to the transportation of goods, to outsourcing to specialized logistics companies is increasing. This type of service becomes economically viable and expedient.

If your company’s transportation is of a one-time nature or there is no logistics department and its own vehicles, or it is necessary to transport goods by several means of transport, crossing the borders of several states, then it’s more expedient and cheaper to contact professionals than to arrange delivery yourself, which will optimize the time spent on transportation of goods, including customs clearance, reduce financial risks, get away from the routine work of non-core activities such as transport logistics and customs clearance.

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We offer ready-made / develop individual optimal delivery ways and arrange all the necessary supporting documentation.

Having experience of many years in settling customs issues taking into account the specific of the procedures and regulation our specialists qualitatively and in a very short time realize:

• Pre-consultation on customs regulation and practical issues of customs clearance and FEA

• Assistance in the compilation and analyze of FEA contracts, commercial and transport documentation

• Execution of all forms of transport and accompanying documents

• Determination of the customs code according to Classification of goods of FEA

• Calculation of customs duties

• Analyze and minimization of customs value of the goods

• Full support of import/export procedures

• Customs clearance in any customs regime

• Accreditation (registration) of legal and private persons at the Kiev Regional Customs and in regions

• Customs clearance in currier services

• Execution of releases

• Execution of permission documentation of all regulating authorities (non-tariff regulation)

• Developing of effective solutions in any complex non-standard situations

Customs clearance / clearance of goods undoubtedly requires special knowledge, skills, periodic confirmation of competencies. Customs brokers TRANSVOSTOK, in accordance with applicable law and the requirements of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, regularly pass certification, advanced training courses, trainings and seminars. The qualification certificates of each indicate a high level of awareness in the matter of customs clearance of goods and current legislative regulations.

The best confirmation of the professionalism and level of satisfaction with customs brokerage services by TRANSVOSTOK specialists is recommendation letters, which we will gladly provide upon request of the Client.

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