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Freight forwarding by truck

Freight forwarding by truck

Freight forwarding by truck

Well-established communication routes between the countries of the EU, Asia, the CIS and the ability to use all types of trucks allow us to offer optimal and cost-effective ways to solve customers' problems of cargo delivery of any complexity.

TRANSVOSTOK has a successful, more than 10-year experience in the international transportation market, an extensive agent network guarantees a high level of service, an individual approach and reliability to both its regular and potential customers, regardless of geography and order volume.

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The main directions of international freight transportation TRANSVOSTOK from:

    Poland  (PL)*, Germany  (D), Netherland  (NA), Belgium  (B),

    France  (F), Italy  (I), Spain  (E), RF  (RUS),

    Baltic countries: Latvia  (LV), Lithuania  (LT), Estonia  (EST).

автомобильные перевозки грузов перевозка оборудованияперевозка автомобилей международная

Additional directions of cargo delivery by road from:

     Turkey  (TR)*, Hungary  (H), Czech Republic  (CZ), Austria  (A),

     Switzerland  (CH), Slovakia  (SK(SR) and Romania  (RO(R). 

( )* - international designation of automobile license plates.

The company’s European offices provide forwarding services: transportation of any goods by road within the region, connecting the Baltic countries, South-Western Europe.

We offer:

Road transportation of goods of any complexity: heavy, oversized,
dangerous, fragile, liquid, bulk, perishable, requiring a certain temperature regime, etc. 

 Any format of shipping: palletized, box-type, piece, etc.

  • Geography of deliveries: Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and the CIS
  • "Door-to-door" delivery
  • Consolidation of cargos in "A" class warehouses to "full truck" format
  • Coordination, preparation and submission of a complete package of forwarding documents to cargo owner
  • Control of presence of forwarding documentation
  • Monitoring of the truck movement
  • TIR and CMR insurance. Various schemes of risks insurance
  • Selection of solutions for any complex non-standard situations
  • Choice of payment mode, flexible discount system

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We deliver such types of cargo as:

  • Oversize cargoes (industrial machinery, metal products, mobile machinery, etc.)
  • Bulk cargoes.
  • Dangerous (ADR) cargoes of all classes and subclasses.
  • Fragile (glassware, precious metals, antiques, plumbing, appliances, etc.).
  • Regime (perishable products or those that require special temperature conditions, humidity levels, ventilation during transportation and storage).

перевозка негабаритных грузовперевозка газовых балоновперевозка опасных грузов

Since the beginning of its activity, TRANSVOSTOK has been oriented towards solving logistic problems of increased complexity.

Among them is international oversized cargo delivery. Today, in the total volume of transportation performed by the company, delivery of oversized cargo takes about 35%.

Extensive experience with this type of goods produced in cooperation with companies to design and undertake the construction, maintenance Confinement (protective structures) at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Since 2008, only within the framework of this project, we have made more than 750 oversized cargo shipments from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, and the USA.

 TRANSVOSTOK provides consulting and information services for manufacturing companies from Europe, the non-residents of Ukraine in the process of entering new markets. We advise on the features of the documentation of supporting documentation, obtaining licenses, certificates, other necessary permits.

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